Game code section is written by Microsoft programmers. diver Even then, the game has just entered the initial stage of development, when you realize the great potential of the game, and believe it will become a family favorite pastime office. Thus, he added to the game boss key feature, when you press this button, the display will be from the card game is cut back to your working interface. Unfortunately, we found the key, and in the game before implantation 3.0 removed this feature.

Card games since then escalated, adding a number of new table backgrounds, new card background patterns and new ways, for example, allow the player to save the game in progress. Still have cards, but you need to pay to get it.

Solitaire also has some of its own glorious history,Playing cards and walked away in office  although it added in 1995 was only late to join, but it is one of the first to join the computer game networking functions. Its designers in the early eighties the late 1970s designed a can support up to 1000 players version.

Although the card has almost become synonymous with casual game play to steal the game,baby playing cards right brain learning  but in fact, Microsoft had decided to put this game Built-in system is also based on another reason, that is to make users accustomed to using computers, used to their operating system.

Now of course, long been accustomed to computer users, but in 1990, the desktop operating system for most people is still a new concept, and the use of the mouse as well. After all, when most people are used in the growth process are pencils, pens and typewriters, PC is undoubtedly a new article. Fresh experience visual cards The card by its simple appearance, bright colors as well as the well-known play, let success has "high-tech phobia" crowd adapted computer and familiar with the mouse to click and move.

Successful? Of course, successful Thousands of spectators fun letter cards .


Suppose a company's sales staff to tell them that they can get a free deck of cards for each person when they are bored you can play,Colorful flash card can enter the world brain child  should not many people are willing to buy it, right? System manager said inverted accept magazine interview, however, if the company gave a value of sales $ 2,000 per computer, companies know they must occasionally go play cards, because it is a system on the second or third most frequently start program of.
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