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live card Game provides a fixed allocation method from the traditional collection of card games model innovation. Although the legs still provide the same dynamic, growing and changing gameplay, making CCGS so much fun, they have burned with so many players blindly buy deterrent buy models made out. The end result is a combination of innovation, to provide you with best of both worlds!
LCG Core is a set of heart. Each LCG core set is a fully independent gaming experience packed with content, including high-quality game works, and aims to enhance the game immersive gaming assistant. In addition, each core series contains multiple decks offer an exciting and unlimited replayable gaming experience right out of the box


While LCG core set provides a fantastic stand-alone game experience, who want to be able to further expand! Extension of monthly installments, each fixed card full of Barbie, providing continuous, regularly increasing the pool of available cards. These extensions add custom packages, the variety, and ongoing awareness theme for your gaming experience while playing environment changing in exciting new ways

An innovative format

Since its launch, the LCG format has become a fantasy flight games are very successful, sales continue growth in domestic and international markets. Fans around the world have enjoyed enrich their LCG core group of sixty cards with our fixed monthly package, and there are deck-building strategies experienced no funding random card pack tension. But this is how innovative format work? You live from a card game look?
Excellent value

A core group provides you need a complete, self-contained game experience everything, but if you choose to go beyond the core series, monthly expansion pack provides an easily affordable price of fresh content. The monthly publication offers enough new content to keep the game's immersive and strategic, and the rest of the visit, digestible, to casual gamers.

continued expansion card pool

Month extension provides more frequent supplement, your library card, and strategies to improve the new card type, you can tap the potential of each release. These games are constantly updated monthly guarantee, always feeling fresh.
• No rare chase

LCG there needs to be chased, no rare or promotional cards. This ensures that the platform capabilities and strategy gamers to play, rather than who spent the most money in the pursuit of hard to find super rare card set. Fixed format, it means that all players have equal access to each deck needs to build on its own card.

easier to find opponents
Nonrandomized format, you can easily play multiple LCG without breaking the bank, which greatly improved the opponent you find, play the same game, you do chance. Since each core set of at least two players provide enough card, when friends can start playing up.
• Organizational Play
Player can we organize many of the LCG. These programs include feature regional, national and world championship level events throughout the year from recreational league debut class competition.
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