Card type

Big Two of the card and type are the following:
Single: Any one single card.
One pair: two cards of the same point card.
Shun: Five consecutive cards adjacent to the point card, such as "34567" "910JQK" "10JQKA" "A2345" and so on, the number of sheets along must be 5, A can end in Hue, but also in the forefront along but not in the middle along, such as "JQKA2" is not smooth.
Miscellaneous Shun: not all of the  "Chameleon" rules of the game and gameplay same suit cards are called miscellaneous smooth.
Flush: Each card of the same suit are called cis flush.
Flush five: the same suit of five cards, but not smooth, called "flush five." As Hearts "278JK".
Gourd: For example: 99955.
Rail Extension: For example: 99995.

two. Size cards

1. Only the same number of sheets can compare the size of the card, for example: 99> 88, but you can not compare: 99 and 8.
2. The size of the single card: First card comparison point, the same point if the cards compare card suit. Pips decreasing  "21" rules of the game and gameplay order: 2 A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3. Fancy descending order is: Spades> Hearts> square piece> Plum
3. Other card type when making comparisons have taken one of them the largest single brand by way of comparison: When three with a right, take a maximum of three. When four with a single, taking four largest one comparison. Junko biggest one compares Note 2 in straights as big. 23456 straight to the maximum, minimum and A2345
4. five cards of the type, flush largest  "Run fast" (struggle upstream) of the rules iron supporting the second, third gourd, with spend five fourth, miscellaneous shun minimum. That is, after the home along a hybrid, you spend five with any one, hoist, iron branched or straight flush than hybrid Shunda.
three. Cards rule

1. The first cards to get by one 3 plum cards first, and the first round of the cards must be included in Box 3. After each of the cards on the decks by the winner (the first one applied in the hands of cards) cards, and the first round of licensing need not contain plum 3.
2. The first can be any type of a legitimate card.
3. The first of the cards, the card's number at home out of the first must be the same, while the ratio of the first out of  Stud” rules of the game and gameplay the big brand; at home can also be expressed not Pass card, then the next one from the cards continue .
4. If all three consecutive Pass, then  "Suffocated cat" rules of the game and gameplay finally the cards can be re-played a new card type.
5. This continues until all the cards in the hands of a person lighting up.

four. Scoring rules

The calculation method is:
A normal end of the session, the players failed medal will consume: * base game hand the number of remaining cards.

Note: (1) storm Cards: cards at the end of the game in the hands of more than a certain number of shots is called storm card, penalty doubles 20 quotes on writing by JK Rowling  when the storm card. 10 storms a card (10 cards containing 10 storm 9 impunity is not violent) 13 cards once again storm. At the end of (2) Games have got big dick or a monster (Flush, iron branch) is not out, the double penalty, there are several to several-fold.

Fives. Dropped penalty

Council dropped low penalty = 5 *

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