Various techniques poker games are played in Guangzhou Hi-Tech brand with a long-term research and development specializing in the production license sales, the industry leader, summed up a set of entertainment sets the winning method of combat experience, many friends and Tech brand with the process of cooperation have enjoyed a good reputation for customers seeking to maximize the benefits of cooperation with our friends are full of praise, very hard to detect in the real interests of Tech brand with our customers to achieve beyond customer imagination.
We are familiar with playing cards, poker play, most people play with 4 universal, and has a variety of play: This play poker presented here, is a kind of two play. Because according to the specific situation of the elderly, many elderly people, two people at home bored situation is quite common. If you master these two poker games are played, it can be two people playing cards up.
Here are the specific play:
1, the number of poker:
We need to have two playing cards, two playing cards are not required to be the same brand, which is a game to use, and the other one is used as the score cards used. As shown below:
2, using the scoring method of playing cards:
Use only a deck of cards in two colors, such as: the use of hearts, and spades. These two colors, use only 3 - A, 12 cards. (2 is not used). These two suits of cards, respectively, 3 - A good arrangement, with the front display 3 on the respective front, under color under the clasp release.
3, drawing cards:
On the other askew game with cards, after a good wash, one person to another person on the card, that is, decide where to start the draw and start drawing cards per turn per catch one, until all grab full 14 per person until. See the rest of the cards left temporarily without collection. After a branch with the outcome, etc., under the Bureau began, is the loser reshuffle, loser to winner on the card, the loser to draw a card.
4, play:
First started playing, in whose hands are the highest priority of Hearts 4 cards, then to its red side 4, 4 of spades, plum 4, 5 ...... hearts of the order, to decide who the cards. After a branch with the outcome and so on, the cards will be the loser.
5, winning criteria:
Each branch is based on his cards before the finish for the win, the winner will start playing the original default level 3, that is, in front of their own score cards, in turn, allow 3 show, he said he was playing '3 'If you win the first start in the hands of the bureau, there are three of hearts, so you can just start playing level 4. Each wins a branch into a lay Board, until the first kick A where the final winner.

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