7 Ghost 523 is a poker game, Klondikepopular all over China, the struggle upstream adapted from. Its characteristics are per person each have five cards, then turn outs in the form of cards. This kind of game can be a scoring system to be more than just who should play out cards to determine the winner.

Number of participants from 2 to 5 people, you can use One Card or two cards to the game (including wild card).
If the scoring rules,Dragon is shot in a poker play. the same fifty K as 5,10, K, respectively, points 5,10,10 (and fifty-K is different is that in the hands of the remaining not out of 5,10, K no penalty).
A start from any brand, at home with the family to the same brand and type to be effective than Seven pigbig, or else give up. After others have given up, this person began the new cards (if the scoring rules are playing out of 5,10, K attributed to the person when the score calculation).

Excellencies pastimeCard type 
Landlords with leaflet pairs, three, three with one four, this unique card game type is "four a band."

Card type comparison 
7> King> Wang> 5> 2> 3> A> K> Q> J> 10> 9> 8> 6> 4
With the size of the figures, more moving servicecolor: Spades> Hearts> Plum> square piece

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