To shuffle cards, when the public is shuffling, shuffling through the use of the cards they need surgery arrangements in place. When the licensing they need cards entirely on their own parts of cards. In general, public shuffling, folding cards, is to show justice approach if reshuffle crisp, plus stacked cards, most opponents believe that you will not "speculation" brand.

When four fighting, how to shuffle cards it:

After each flop, table cards are concentrated in three columns gracefully. After various signs usually snake (cis) Tiger Road and flush more, you have to think about round four or flush, you should pay attention before the flop look at his cards, which have, or already have a good conditions, such as quest for four, and has performed a tiger on your way round, and then in other stores out of hand with their blue cards together is the same as four if they have four in sequence with flowers , and then in other stores to perform a proper licensing merged is the flush, if they have the condition no other home out of the card is good, then bring other family brand to do the foundation board. this move approach is simple, first in income when the card (preferably with both hands, "the card you want merged together in closed stacks at the bottom, in order to avoid intentional or unintentional others see the cards, after learning the results of doubt, the best in the bottom of a brand-name is after the whole of the cards on the table a good income (four or five key cards at the bottom), then the right hand from the surface to pick up about three-fifths of the cards. the remaining cards left to pick up again the hand stacks. registration cards were stacked between the card and the collision with the side, or the side of the cards fall table, the remaining three sides with your fingers to flatten compaction, which aims to make right-hand man of very neat stacks, this action can not be ignored, stacks do not go missing.

Followed by a formal reshuffle. On behalf of a variety of postures cards. The more common are inner and outer curved bend to put cards put card, you usually accustomed to what is used which outer bend put a card. Then put three hand Zhang, and put a left hand, right hand put three, are then put a left hand, right hand put three, put the card in accordance with the provisions of this until you perform together four of the original five cards or discharged. washing after the licensing board can continue cards, card-stack stack only the upper part of the chaos. such methods can be operated more skilled to trump national, international currently has a legally registered Ge Site from plus entertainment. Ace States, to comply with all the provisions of international sales increase from online entertainment Ge Site treaty. We are getting warm in the online game market, constantly innovative ideas, looking for the latest ideas, uphold the best service. To give customers high-quality services, products, entertainment, and this is our eternal purpose. If withdrawn from the bottom portion (not less than twenty), be sure to use your technique then this part of the card that is back into place in one of two ways, first, when the bottom of a board drawn cards, on the other stacked card when the above. slightly forward or backward a little, so that the entire formation of two decks of cards. the second is when the bottom of the stack of cards drawn, on the other cards on top of the stack when. with his left middle finger pressed below the stacks, the two stacks of cards slightly apart

If the bottom is not a no-name 2,6,10. So when shuffling, right-hand man for the first time put the number of sheets of cards is not the same. If so 3% 7, J, put the card ordering rules is left, far right . Then Ibid. Case 4,8, Q, is left, second from right, then above. If so 1,5,9, K, is left, third from right, then above. The key to this trick is to shuffle the basic skills proficiency, so that left and right can put cards one by one, do not overlap, but also faster.


Shuffle focuses on exercise, leisure can practice more practice with friends

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