Playing cards divination in the seventh century by the incoming flow of Roma in Europe, it is the revelation contains a variety of stuff, which Minato ten point method of divination to predict the transport of love is particularly accurate.
Chinese name cards divination time in the seventh century methods Minato ten poker tools
Daily Horoscope
① divination method first ghost card removed, a total of 52 cards. Then in accordance with the number of the date decided to cut the number of licenses. That is, if the day is 15, cut 15 times on the card, and then the side in the hearts of meditation, "today what will be the day?" Extracted from a side.
Red means love appears, prone to things related with love today.
Hearts A today absolute there will be a good thing, take the initiative may succeed.
Red 2,5,8, Q will appear like people will know who is the most important objects Yes.
Hearts 3,6,9, J with the kind of dangerous types of boys special affinity, even though he offered to confession do not believe him.
Hearts 4,7,10, K may have a brief affair, but also may be heavy throws.
It appears Plum means academic and friendship, prone with this about two things today.
Plum A test guess the question hit rate, and with the relationship between friends is also very good.
Plum 2,5,8, Q for mathematical aspects related things will not go well for small intimate friends move would be very grateful.
Plum 3,6,9, J studying outside the textbook program is progressing well, with a friend found a new play fun.
Plum 4,7,10, K there is a big fight for pride, but be careful of the friends say too harshly.
It appears diamonds mean money, prone to things associated with money today.
A money box Yun-kai, there is always the unexpected income.
Box 2,5,8, Q will be extortion, or be hand to borrow money.
Box 3,6,9, J will have the opportunity to get a windfall, but helplessly watch it slip away.
Box 4,7,10, K has some unexpected opportunities to make money, like a good wage opportunities.
Appeared unlucky spades means that, today, it is best to be especially careful a little better.
Spades A To explore the secrets of others in crisis, be careful not to leak.
Spades 2,5,8, Q will be others stepped in, careful salesman.
Spades 3,6,9, J will rise some bad thoughts, although it will be you succeed, it will be secretly hate others.
Spades 4,7,10, K want to Framed others, but it would harm himself.

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