This game is simple, not too many skills, it is easy to learn, all ages.

[Board] poker one, removing the size of the king. Two to the number of people can play. After shuffling the cards issued to the same number of copies, each one, each processing their own brand, put into a pile of dark.


(1) by the first draw cards began, distinguished player counterclockwise turn to the licensing table, one at a time, after a laminated card on the front, down the spread to be able to see all card points. Each player during playback cards, the order can only own a stack of open uppermost one, when they found themselves pulls the cards already on the table of a card are equal, then the two cards with equal during each cards away and put under their own brand, then put a card on the table. If the release of this card with a card table and equal, then these two cards and the card again between stowed. If you put out cards on the table does not equal more than cards in a certain one, by the lower house to put the card. License to eat according to the principles described above. If a one all the cards are in the hands of other players Chiqu, for the failure.

(2) This play is simple, to increase the fun, there is a player allowed within a certain range of the method selected. Each player caught five cards each in turn put the cards on the table, the method as described above. Each player can see the hands of a few cards, is equal to the existing card on the desktop. If so, then put away all the cards and two cards equal between, on the front of their own, and then filled in the hands of five cards, each of the following also turns up to five, continue playing until a full decks run out. Then each player win count cards, multi winner.

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