Bragging is a poker game for three to five people. Whoever first hand the cards kicked out will win.

Initially, the 52 cards are all issued to all players, if a lot of people play, you can also put two cards together.

Players take turns out of the card, by the start out of the box three.

Players can shout "a three" (number of custom 1 to 3)

Then throw a covered card.

The back of the card should be placed on the table to ensure that the number will not be seen by other players, the card players should also be reported out of their own cards, including a few, out of what numbers.

You can brag, that your card is not necessarily your card. For example, you can report "two 3", you can actually use the real two 3 can also be used to replace the fake card.

The next house or any other player can make a suspicion of the home's cards and check the cards on their own, but the flop can not be seen by other players, but only by themselves.

Lift the card with the order of the right order, you play the card after the clock Shun Shun or the direction of the first under the first home to lift your card, the second under the home would like to have a look at the first lift under the first Home of the decision.

If the next choice to catch home

Then there are three conditions:

Situation 1: If this is not the third card

If the flop discovers that the home is bragging, the person caught has to put away all the cards on the table and the flop starts to play the round.

Set to four cards of the same number, to cover in the next (does not affect the winners and losers)

Situation II: If it is really three

If the view, found on the home without bragging, then by the people who arrested him put away all the cards on the table, the home can play the next round.

There are four cards with the same number must be thrown to the next.

Situation three: no one shouting

If the next house does not want to turn the house out of the card, he can choose to increase the card table or PASS.

The same shouting a player shouting the first number.

The home must be the same card. For example, this round of play 3 then in this round, everyone must add 3.
The number of cards added, at least one, up to four or eight. Because the same card point card with flowers, a maximum of 8.
Of course, each time the card can add fake card, whether to muddle through, depending on whether his next home flop exposed him.

Until someone was arrested so far to call other figures.

When all the players are PASS, by the first player to replace the PASS lost the next number.

J, Q, K and other ace can be any card, for example, you have to press 5 3 can also be added by 2 and 3 3 to achieve.

This game is mainly to see who would dare to brag, and some people have the ability to put all the cards are entrained out of the system,
Some people have blown a back to be exposed once, had to take back the card.
In the course of the game, in order to speculate whether the other party has a lie, usually in accordance with the hands of their own cards. Because each card number is fixed 4, so when the opponent to say more outrageous lies, immediately can be exposed. Like: their own hands clearly have a K, A said he had four K, it is obviously unreasonable. Often due to tactical needs, even if it can certainly be added on the fake brand will also let go.

Finally, who's the first card out who finished first.

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