There are many conditions to help improve the accuracy of their Tarot:

 First, a solid academic foundation: Tarot in Europe has a long history, its contents include astrology, digital science, symbols, all kinds of myths and so on. Tarot diviner to understand the background of the more, you can play more associations.

 Second, the balance of body and soul: 1 Body: physical health, the spirit will be good, good spirits, thoughts can be concentrated, the card will be accurate. 2 heart: Tarot can subconscious image of which the data, so the card has a very close interaction with the heart. Heart is the card-spirit, the chaos is the brand chaos. Understanding the mechanism of divination, the more the health of the Tarot mentality, confidence is stronger, the more accurate licensing solution. 3 Spirit: a focus on spiritual development of people, have a transcendent vision of the world, to their own perception of human affairs, from the point.

 Third, not guilty of taboo: If repeated count one thing, again and again Bu Bu from suspicion, suspected Bu Bu heart is not sincere, the heart is not the card should not be, the card should not be considered allowed. To comply with the norms, the heart will not be chaotic, heart chaos, naturally easy to be accurate.

 Intuition: intuition for the accuracy of divination has the finishing touch of the wonderful. Although a little luck, but in fact, and the development of the mind has a great relevance.

 There are many related conditions, but in fact most of them can be summarized into these items. The first condition can rely on the teacher, but two, three, four conditions mainly on their own.

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