The basic technique of poker magic

(1): "show card"

In the performance of poker magic, often need to be a pair of cards in the performance table to start, so that the audience at the same time to see all the cards or cards, this method called the table card.

1. Put a pair of poker face up on the performance table, put the card stack should be slightly tilted to the right.

2. The right hand gently pressed on the card stack, four fingers folder pull the left side of the card edge, and then wipe the right.

3. In the right hand under the action of the four fingers, the card from the beginning of the card to the right to start regularly, until the formation of ribbon-like shape.

The audience at a glance, all cards are chaotic, the performers did not sort the cards in a certain order. But when the pad should keep the right hand pressure and even to the same. If the performance table is too hard, too slippery, the show card is difficult, it should be in the performance table shop a tablecloth to increase the friction resistance. At the same time, the speed of the card should be appropriate to a little faster, do not stop halfway, so that the distance between each card is basically equal.

The basic technique of poker magic

(2): "hands show"

Will be a pair of cards in the two hands of the performers to start, showing how many cards, each card for the same, for the audience to check or ask the audience to choose from.

Thus, most of the poker magic can not be separated from his hands.

The skill of the show moves directly to the skill level of the performer

(Hands show brand also known as running cards).

1, left hand to catch the full card, right hand in the side for the preparation of the card

2. Left thumb will push the top card to the right to push the right hand to take over. At the same time, the four fingers helped to take the card

3. Continue to the above Uighur card action, until the hands of the hands of the card is basically equal, and then use the thumb to pinch the lower right corner to the right to push a little hard, full card will be neatly unfolded, you can ask the audience draw. Wait for the audience to remove the card to see the color points after the card back, you then according to different requirements to play the poker magic want to change.

4. When you need to find a card from a card, you can also use both hands to show the way, as long as the full card of the card face up to the above actions, to find the card with your fingers on the line.

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