Before community card games such as Texas Hold 'em and Omaha became popular, the best known poker variant was seven-card Stud.

Even now, Stud is considered a more "pure" poker change, despite its historic past, as it adds to the difficulty.

Compared with card games, seven-card Stud needs more attention and playing cards like Bridge or Gin.

This does not mean that Stud is better than any other variant, but it is a game worth playing. Every poker player should have the ability to play a variety of games, seven cards are the most popular and important.

The 7-card Stud can be played on a table of 2 to 8 players. Stud's goal is the same as any other poker variant: win as many chips as possible and one chip at a time.

Stud has a lot of small rules and some quirks, but it is at the heart of a simple game. The game can be divided into four parts:

set up
Betting rounds
If you have just read the rules and games of the Texas Hold'em game, you will find that Stud has a section. For players familiar with the rules and gameplay of community card games, the only new concept you'll learn in this article will be "brought."



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